Really Awsome Khmer Translator & Income Tax E-Filer

I am a Cambodian (Khmer)-born native and is a proud Canadian citizen. Arrived in Kamput refugee camp, Thailand in January 1980. Arrived in Ottawa (Nation's capital), the province of Ontario, Canada in September 30, 1982. Married with three grown-up children and two grandchildren. Currently working full-time as a nursing attendant (nurse aide) in a nursing home. I have been at this employment since September 1983. Today, I do Khmer (Cambodian) translation after work and income tax service during tax season.

Volunteered in translating and interpreting for various organizations such as school board, hospitals, and the police department for the Cambodian community for many years. Continued education in Ottawa at Algonguin College, and finished the grade 12 equivalent in June 1993 (working full-time in the evening and studying part-time during the day).

Took private English courses and worked in the refugee camp's hospital as a nurse and then as a medical assistance, plus as an English instructor until coming to Ottawa (Ontario, Canada).

Speak and write fluently both in Cambodian and English, plus some Thai and Lao.