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SARY.CA SERVICES is an independent (Cambodian) Khmer translator, provides Khmer translation, and DTP services in PC or Mac OS World Wide. It has been providing services since 1997. It is the one stop of complete Khmer translation services.


SARY.CA SERVICES provides Income Tax Preparation and E-File services for Canadian residents with professional quality at competitive prices. It is registered with the province of Ontario for operating business, and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as an E-Filer and Discounter since 1996. Get your fast refund with Advanced Refund (known as Cash Back).


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Note: The name of the country has been changed many times in the past three decades. Today the country is known as Cambodia in English or Cambodge in French, and the people are called Cambodians. However, the Cambodian people prefer to be called Khmer which (referring to the greatness and unity) as it is their original name, and language is Khmer. The country is known to Khmer people as Kampuchea or Srok Khmer rather Cambodia. On the contrary, Cambodia is well known to the world community.

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It is a one stop translation that includes editing by another person.

It is whether in PC or Mac Operating System, Microsoft Office or Adobe products.